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DUI Program

Being convicted of Driving Under the Influence can be a traumatic experience that comes with significant consequences. Although for many people the programs are not voluntary, Janus works with clients to make it a meaningful experience. DUI staff provide a supportive environment in which participants can focus not only on meeting court/DMV program requirements, but can use this opportunity to explore what prompts them to place themselves in harm’s way, and how to avoid this in the future. This is done through driver education and counseling services. This DUI Program also works closely with other Janus programs and community resources to ensure that clients receive the services they need. When appropriate, our staff will also make no-cost referral to higher levels of treatment.

Prevent Drinking and Driving

Our mission is to educate and impact DUI clients to prevent future drinking and driving, by providing effective driver education and counseling services. We work cooperatively with the criminal justice system, including judges, adult probation, state parole, and other referring agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Janus will e-file proof of enrollment to the DMV to speed up the restricted license process for eligible clients.

Drinking Driver Program Schedule

All participants are required to select a single day & time to attend the mandated 6 weeks of Education (weeks 1 – 6 of program) and (except those in the ‘Wet Reckless” program) a single day & time to attend the mandated counseling groups (starts week 7 of program).

*Scheduled Classes & Groups are Subject to Availability on Day of Enrollment*
3/6 Month First Offense Counseling Group 6:00p 3/6 Month First Offense Counseling Group  9:00a All Programs Education 9:30a 3/6 Month First Offense Counseling Group 5:30p 9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group  9:30a 9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group  9:30a
9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group 6:00p All Programs Education 5:30p 9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group  9:30a
9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group 7:00p 3/6 Month First Offense Counseling Group 6:30p 9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling   Group    5:30p 9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group 6:30p
9 Month & Multiple Offense Counseling Group    6:00pFirst & Multiple Offense Counseling Group *SPANISH* 6:00pm All Programs Education 7:00p
Enrollment for DUI Classes

Step 1: Pre-Enrollment — must be done in person – no appointment necessary

Monday – Thursday 9am-7:30pm  Friday 9am-4:30pm  Saturday 9am-11:30am
1. Bring documentation verifying need for DUI program:
  • Post-sentencing: bring your court referral paperwork
  • Pre-sentencing: bring your Admin Per Se order (the 30-day temporary license given when you’re pulled over)
  • Not court ordered: bring a current H-6 (DMV printout)
2. Fill out program Paperwork
3. Choose date for Group Enrollment (available twice a week)
Step 2: Group Enrollment — must complete Pre-Enrollment in order to attend
1. Make program down payment – please arrive 10-15 minutes early to avoid being late for group enrollment and having to reschedule (most major credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, & cash – exact change only – are accepted)
2. Review program requirements, rules and regulations
3. Select program schedule
4. Sign program contract
5. Receive a copy of your signed contract DUI program staff will file your enrollment with the DMV and the Court. Your will receive a hard copy of your proof of enrollment when you attend your first Education (class).

Tuition & Payment

Janus accepts most major credit and debit cards, checks and cash (exact change only).

Programa de Conducir Bajo la Influencia

Programas para personas con primer ofensa o delitos múltiples que cumplen con los requisitos de la corte y del DMV. Clases en español comienzan en JULIO 2011. LLAME (831) 462-1060 PARA MAS INFORMACCION O PARA HACER CITA. Estamos para servirles


Q: What are the required documents in order for me to enroll in the program?

A: One of the following forms of documentation must be brought with you in order to schedule your orientation:

  • Court order or court referral
  • DMV H-6 printout
  • Admin Per Se

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Simply bring your court referral, DMV H-6 printout or Admin Per Se to our facility, complete a pre-enrollment form and our friendly staff will schedule your orientation date.

Q: What days does Janus offer orientations?

A: Orientations are offered three times per week:

  • Monday: 4pm
  • Tuesday: 5pm
  • Thursday: 10am

Q: How soon does Janus provide a certificate of my enrollment to the DMV?

A: Janus provides proof of enrollment electronically to the DMV within 10 business days from the time you complete your first orientation session.

Q: What is the overall cost of the program?

A: The fee structure below shows the program fee as well as the down payment (due at orientation).

Wet Reckless 6-Week $328 $180 $90
3-Month $714 $325 $135
6-Month $862 $325 $90
9-Month $1,075 $325 $84
18-Month $1,842 $350 $125

Note: Down Payment is required at the orientation

Q: Which activities am I required to complete for each program?

A: We have several programs to meet our clients’ needs. Below is a list of requirements for each program:

Wet Reckless

  • 6 educational sessions
  • Face-to-face assessment (15 minutes)

First Offender Three-Month Program

  • 6 educational sessions
  • 9 group counseling sessions
  • 2 face-to-face sessions (15 minutes ea.)
  • 1 assessment (15 minutes)

First Offender Six-Month Program

  • 6 educational sessions
  • 16 group sessions
  • 4 face-to-face sessions (15 minutes ea.)
  • 1 assessment (1 hour)

First Offender Nine-Month Program

  • 6 educational sessions
  • 32 group sessions
  • 4 face-to-face sessions (15 minutes ea.)
  • 1 assessment (1 hour)
  • 1 exit interview (45 minutes)

Multiple Offender Eighteen-Month Program

  • 6 educational sessions
  • 35 group sessions
  • 26 face-to-face sessions (15 minutes ea.)
  • 1 assessment (1 hour)
  • 3 re-entry sessions during the last six months

Q: Does Janus offer a payment plan?

A: Janus offers monthly payment plans for all clients (see chart above). Extended payment plans are also available for those who qualify.

Q: When will I be eligible for a driver’s license?

A: The DMV has final say as to when you will be eligible for your driver’s license, and this is based on different criteria. Please call the phone number below for the most up to date information for your case, specifically:

  • DMV MANDATORY ACTIONS LINE: (916) 657-6525

Questions About:

  • DMV DUI program requirements
  • Status of your driving privileges
  • Changes in restrictions / suspensions
  • Fines / DMV costs
  • Ignition interlock requirements

Resources for Enrolled Clients

Q: I was enrolled in your program at one time however I have been terminated; how can I reinstate my program?

A: You are allowed to reinstate your program if it is within 2 years of your last activity date. The following fees would be due at the time of your reinstatement:

  • $77.00 Reinstatement Fee
  • Any unpaid balance on your account

DUI Program

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