Medically Supervised Residential Drug & Alcohol Detoxification

If you are actively using alcohol or another drug, detox is the first step on the path to recovery. We understand substance use disorder, especially the challenges of withdrawal and detox. We will help you through it.

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Our sub-acute detoxification program offers closely supervised, 24-hour residential care in a comfortable, safe environment. Detox is offered as a stand-alone program, but most people transition to another of our Recovery Programs when they are through the detox process.

Alcohol & Drug Detoxification: The Process

Janus is a “Sub-Acute” detoxification program. Clients having mild withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs who do not have other serious medical or psychiatric conditions do not generally need to be hospitalized for detoxification. All clients who wish to enter are assessed for this level of care using ASAM assessment criteria. If you have any significant medical or psychiatric conditions, those will be considered in your evaluation. Medications to assist with the discomfort of withdrawal and associated symptoms may be used in coordination with your primary care physician. It is important to us as it is to you that you have a safe, comfortable, and supportive detox.

aftercare_full-1Aftercare Program

Janus’ Lifetime Aftercare Counseling Program is a comprehensive, ongoing support group for all clients who have completed treatment at Janus. This is a lifetime benefit for all alumni. Meetings are offered every week. Call us at (866) 526-8772 for details.

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For four decades, Janus has provided compassionate and effective addiction treatment while guiding thousands of people toward wellness and recovery. We offer help, hope and results to individuals and families.