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A Message from Executive Director, Rod Libbey

Linda Jones, LICSW Executive Director, Janus of Santa Cruz

Deciding to seek treatment and where you seek it are the two most important decisions in your life at this moment. And, if you are like most of us, how you answer these questions is also very important to others who love and care about you.

Should you seek treatment? All of the questionnaires and assessment tools available can’t answer this question as well as you can. After all, friends, family members, co-workers, your doctor…lots of folks have no doubt suggested it for a long time now. But only you know if the time is right. My guess…if you are reading this, the time is right. If you’ve had enough of being sick, losing out, disappointing yourself and others, then its time.

Why Janus of Santa Cruz? I could tell you that a program by a Pacific Ocean beach is a nice place to be at any time. I could tell you that our prices are rivaled by no other program. I could brag about our 30 plus year history of quality care, our CARF certification, etc, etc. But I’d rather just tell you that we know recovery. We know what it takes. You will no longer be alone with your pain and frustration. We will embrace your problems as our own and we will work alongside you on your way to a healthy, happier future.

So should you seek treatment? It’s never an easy choice, but if you can make the hard choice then come to a better place, come to Janus.
All the best,

Rod Libbey,
Executive Director, Janus of Santa Cruz

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• Dr. Bill Morris
  Medical Director

• Maria Elena De La Garza
  Deputy Director - Development & Outreach

• Randi Hardman
  RTC Coordinator

• Rachel Dorr
  Child & Family Services Coordinator
  at Perinatal Residential

• Tony Farrell
  Facilities & SLE Manager


• Cecilia Krebs
  Deputy Director - Programs

• Desiree Foxworthy
  Clinical Manager

• Jessica Stone
  Mondanero-Baskin Center Program Director

• Joni Stettner
  Nursing Services Coordinator



Dr. Bill Morris  

Dr. Bill Morris, Medical Director

I’ve been with Janus since October of 2003 and am certified to prescribe methadone and buprenorphine. My professional background covers many years of study and experience, including a two-year residency at Johns Hopkins and working in Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The best part of being at Janus is working with the people here and I can attest to the fact that the collaborative approach to providing this treatment really works. I would like any person struggling with the many challenges of drug or alcohol addiction to remember that this is an illness, not a moral weakness. We’re here to treat your illness, just like we would diabetes or cancer.

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Cecilia Krebs  

Cecilia Krebs, Deputy Director - Programs

In my role as deputy Director-Programs I manage The Community Clinic (methadone) as well as the Recovery Programs which include sub-acute detoxification, residential and day treatment and intensive outpatient. I’ve been the Program Director of the Janus Community Clinic since 2006, and am a Certified Addictions R.N. and Psychiatric Nurse. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to offer all of our patients the possibility of freedom from their addiction, to raise happy and healthy children, go to school, regain dignity, be happy. It takes courage to make the decision to decrease or eliminate the use of a substance that has filled your needs and been a part of your life. We understand that. We’re here to support and encourage, not judge or demand.

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Maria Elena De La Garza  

Maria Elena De La Garza, Deputy Director -
  Development & Outreach

As Deputy Director - Development and Outreach, my job is to 'connect the dots'. I work with clients, staff, alumni, volunteers and the community to ensure that Janus services are accessible, culturally competent, and of the highest quality. Our goal is to be of service and offer support to those who are struggling with addiction. I believe with my mind, heart and spirit that recovery and healing happen and I am honored and privileged to be part of the team that is witness to it!

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Desiree Foxworthy  

Desiree Foxworthy, Clinical Manager

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have worked with recovering people and their families for over 20 years. As Clinical Manager, I support a dedicated team of counseling staff. For every client who comes to our door, as well as family and loved ones, we are dedicated to providing the very best individualized treatment. You'll be in a Better Place at Janus.

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Randi Hardman  

Randi Hardman, RTC Coordinator

I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and have been working at Janus since 2002. I am happy to be a part of the team of dedicated Janus Staff who are passionate about client care. With the kindness, care and the support of others, change IS possible. Treatment is a courageous and amazing first step in making lasting change.

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Jessica Stone  

Jessica Stone, Mondanero-Baskin Center
Program Director

I began work at the Mondanero-Baskin Center for Women and Children in 2006. I became the program Director in 2012. I'm currently a certified counselor and in the process of getting a certification in clinical supervision. It has been an honor to be a part of the perinatal team and Janus as a whole. I feel blessed to witness all that the change that is created when families participate in treatment and recovery. My goal is to insure that participants and their families know that there is always hope for change.

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Rachel Dorr  

Rachel Dorr,
Child & Family Services Coordinator
at Perinatal Residential

I’ve been at Janus Perinatal for nearly 2 years, and have worked in perinatal substance use treatment for 4 years. I have my Masters in Social Work with a focus on Mental Health and am currently pursuing my License in Clinical Social Work. In my short time at Janus Perinatal, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a Perinatal Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Interim Project Director for the Para Madres y Familias grant, and now have the honor to provide services to the entire family. I am passionate about improving the lives of women and am truly amazed by every woman who has the courage to askfor help for the well being of herself and her children. I don’t know of a more loving and supportive place for both mother and child to heal together.

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Joni Stettner  

Joni Stettner, Nursing Services Coordinator

I became a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 1980 and have been the Janus Nursing Services Coordinator since 2007. My personal interest in addiction and recovery has led me to the process of becoming a Registered Addiction Specialist. The patients are what make this work exceptional. This is a group of people who are living with an illness that is consuming them – to watch them feel better and move intorecovery is tremendously rewarding. If you need us, we’re here when you’re ready.

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Tony Farrell  

Tony Farrell,
Facilities & SLE Manager

I began working at Janus in 1995. As a Janus graduate myself, I know that the program works. If a person can take the time and do the things you learn in treatment, you’ll get your life back: your family, your job, the ability to communicate. It really does work. An SLE is a safe environment that allows people to live with the support of others who are in the same situation: it’s almost like a family. I’ve seen so many people get their lives back.
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