Are you seeking help for a family member, friend, or partner struggling with alcoholism or drug use? If so, you have come to the right place. Janus believes in the healing power of families and strives to assist individuals and their families on a journey toward wellness and recovery.

Addiction is a Family Disease, Recovery is a Family Process

Today, more than 9.6 million children are living in a home where at least one parent is actively abusing alcohol or drugs. These children are 4 times more likely to develop an addiction themselves. Research shows that if one person in a family abuses alcohol or drugs, their family members are at an increased risk of developing substance abuse problems.

Addiction is a disease that greatly impacts the entire family, but working with families improves individual treatment outcomes, increases the likelihood of the individual’s ongoing lifetime recovery and reduces the impact of substance abuse on different generations in the family. There is hope, recovery happens!

Saturday Family Program for Residential Clients

Clients’ family members and loved ones are strongly encouraged to participate in the free Family Program held every Saturday at our Residential Treatment Center. The Family Program offers education and support through interactive group meetings designed to help both clients and family members learn more about their roles in the addiction and recovery process. The day begins with a Morning Meeting, followed by support and education sessions with clients. The Afternoon Meeting features an open, multifamily support group. A free family meal and free childcare for children (2 months-12 years, RSVP required) is provided. Children ages 13 and up are welcome to attend if the client and family member feel it is appropriate.

Referrals for the family program are provided when the client and counselor determine the family is ready to begin the healing process together. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist facilitates all groups.


Parenting & Family Strengthening Programs

Janus offers multiple parenting and family strengthening programs. In the Perinatal programs, Positive Discipline for Parents in Recovery groups are held once weekly for mothers in treatment to learn healthy, appropriate and safe parenting. These groups are led by trained staff, who are available for individual parenting counseling and education as needed.

Janus currently partners with the County WET program to provide Cara y Corazon, a free bilingual, bi-cultural family strengthening program to all Janus families. Although this program has a focus on parents, it is open to all families that are seeking healthy new ways to strengthen their family. Free childcare is provided.

Janus Children’s Services

Mothers with children in the perinatal programs are provided with free, cooperative childcare while receiving treatment. Trained Parent Assistants are available in every playroom to support mothers in providing a safe, healthy and positive growth environment for each child. All parents are invited to participate in a developmental screening using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire-3 (ASQ-3), administered by a trained Parent Assistant. The ASQ-3 is a parent-completed, developmental and social-emotional screening tool that professionals have trusted for more than 15 years to pinpoint delays as early as possible. Based on the results of the screening, families are provided with developmental growth activities is specific domains that your child may need support in. Additionally, Janus partners with multiple community agencies, including Family Service Agency and Early Head Start, to refer any and all children that would benefit from additional resources. The ASQ-3 is provided on a sliding scale fee, based on income and program participation./p>

Recovery Starts with the First Step

At Janus, we know that the effects of addiction reach far beyond the individual, often causing physical or emotional stress, leaving friends and family members feeling frustrated, angry or powerless.

Janus believes that family involvement is crucial for recovery. We understand that every family is different, which is why we offer a variety of family resources and encourage involvement in all of our family programs when you’re ready.

Janus can help.

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Extended Support

Janus counselors are available throughout the week to speak with family members. Family relapse prevention sessions can be scheduled and we are also glad to provide outside referrals for additional therapy or meetings.

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For four decades, Janus has provided compassionate and effective addiction treatment while guiding thousands of people toward wellness and recovery. We offer help, hope and results to individuals and families.